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Medical Device Training Programs

Spiral Medical Development offers several training formats and courses for medical device professionals at various points in their careers.  The program below is made from trainings that work together to influence early and mid-career device professionals to enhance their team performance.  Further customization of training is available via enquiry.

The SMD Medical Device Training Program

This program optionally begins with online courses on medical device development to get new professionals started on the subject.  From there, the Taking Flight with DISC program shows how their knowledge works when applied to teams and personnel with different styles of work and behavior.  That training forms the basis of the next tier, which branches to two tracks:  one for project team members, and one for sales representatives.

Both the FAST and Chameleon programs assume knowledge of the basic Taking Flight with DISC content and build on it.  The Taking Flight with DISC program is the model, and the next tier gives the application.

The Taking Flight with DISC training program is a high energy training experience where individuals learn about themselves and others. It is applicable to medical device teams and the larger organization.  Human Resources professionals will find that this is not a typical DISC session. This reinvented program is designed to provide a deep and entertaining learning experience over the course of a half-day or full day.

Experienced professionals already know the basics of running medical device projects.  They also know that most device projects fail.  Most of the time the reasons for failure are not technical or due to a lack of experienced mentors.  They are partly due to a misunderstanding of behavioral style and interaction.  The FAST medical device development program is a half-day to one-day seminar that deals with these issues.  By seamlessly clicking in with the Taking Flight With DISC program, participants will learn new ways to positively and effectively tackle their challenges.

Basic Medical Device Training

Spiral Medical Development offers basic medical device project training programs that mirror the courses listed here and on Medical Device Courses.  The courses are geared toward professionals that are brand new to the field and need an introduction.  Our Principal Consultant will come to your place of business and conduct the desired course over the course of a day or less.


Doing these as half-day or one-day seminars has several advantages:

  • Face-to-face interaction with instructor

  • The ability to restate concepts that may be difficult for the class to understand on the first try

  • Potential cost savings over the web version if the classes are large

  • Enforced completion by enrollees who may otherwise enroll in but not complete an online course

Basic Medical Device Webinars - Online Courses

For those interested in a quick hit of training for a single person or a group in a webinar format, these programs are the best.  Clients can choose from the same courses listed here or select a topic within one of those courses for a much shorter interaction.

These webinars are designed to convey a specific knowledge are for purposes of review or introduction.

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