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Get the FAST Medical Device Training Brochure

Having a basic idea of device development still leaves more questions:


  • How can a team effectively communicate realistic deadlines?

  • How can effective cross-functional / inter-departmental communication take place?

  • How does a person go about managing unrealistic expectations?

  • How can leaders manage and uphold accountability?

  • What tactics can prevent scope creep from late or poorly defined Design Inputs?

  • What are the best ways to get timely signoff on Design Controls documents?

  • How can a device project team operate more efficiently?


The objectives of this training are to teach people to:


  • Describe their own behavioral style and its advantages and challenges

  • Assess the behavioral style of another person given reasonable information

  • Describe the best approach to interacting with each given behavioral style

  • Understand and use the FAST method to approach a medical device project challenge

  • Describe the finer points of each step of FAST

  • Give examples on how to apply FAST to some common medical device project difficulties


The advantages of this training are:


  • It is the only program exclusively focused on medical device development.

  • The trainer is a 12-year veteran of the device industry and has worked on over 100 projects in that time

  • The trainer is a 25-year user of the DISC model and has deep practical experience with it in the device industry.

  • Given the breadth of the trainer's experience, the program can be tailored toward specific device areas and specialties.

  • The trainer is familiar with medical device company culture and the deep underlying issues that create challenges in projects.

  • It's FUN!

Start the journey toward making your medical device team a high-performing engine. Fill out the fields to the right.

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